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Your home is advertised for approximately 7-14 days prior to hitting the WFRMLS (Wasatch Front Regional Multiple Listing Service). The intent is to create activity and interest with your home prior to exposing it to the entire market. This additional activity increases the probability of having multiple offers once your home hits the MLS, which allows us leveraging power to command the Sales Price and desired terms.


The MLS is an exclusive on-line advertising service for real estate agents. The MLS notifies other realtors a property is for sale. To maximize the effectiveness of the MLS, we go beyond utilizing the standard 255 characters allotted to describe a home and make certain the MLS gives the best description of your home. We also outline specific instructions for Realtors to follow when placing offers and scheduling showings on your home.


A professional photographer is contracted to take photos of your home. These photos compliment your MLS page, as well as, feed into dozens of websites through the MLS IDX system to maximize marketing. The quality of the photos is something we consider critical to strong advertising. Poor photos are never used. NOTE: With homes that exceed a certain price range and/or condition, we will include an evening photo tour that is superior and draws in viewers.


We strongly encourage the use of a Supra Keybox to allow access to agents (only) to show your home. History has proven homes with Supra Keyboxes generate a higher sales result than homes without. The Supra Keyboxes are secure. In addition, our office is always notified when a showing occurs.


Through our affiliation with Keller Williams and the WFRMLS, your home will be featured on dozens of real estate websites including:, Zillow, Facebook, BidSelect, Trulia, Utahrealestate, Yahoo, Home Finder, etc.
NOTE: We are Zillow Agents in several cities in Salt Lake County.


Every week, you’ll receive an email update reflecting viewers that have seen your home through the Internet. The software will track this information weekly, allowing you an opportunity to recognize fluctuations in the activity levels of your home. This tool can be helpful in determining whether or not to adjust the List Price.


Facebook is a dominant social networking and marketing site. We will send you a link so that you may notify all your friends that your home is for sale.


We send out an email blast featuring your property to the top 50 agents in your area. This type of advertising allows us the opportunity to alert top agents that your property is for sale, as well as, notify agents of changes that may happen with your home.


We offer the services of a Call Center. We’re able to seek out buyers for homes. Every day calls are made to generate buyer leads for all our listings. With certain properties, we’re able to target neighborhoods, developments, etc. to specifically seek out buyers for a specific price range and/or location.


Within two “business” days after the home is shown, my Transaction Coordinator follows up with the Buyer’s Agent requesting buyer’s feedback, i.e. List Price opinion, condition, and how your property ranked against other competing properties. On a weekly basis, we evaluate these remarks to determine if we should change our marketing efforts and/or address the List Price.


In an effort to bring buyers to the negotiation table, we may recommend submitting a Reverse-Offer to any Buyer’s Agents that have shown your home at least 2-3 times. This is most effective for buyers when they are undecided on whether or not to make an offer. The Reverse-Offer will only include price and terms that you’re comfortable offering.


In the event your home is on the market 45 to 50 days, we may pull your property off the MLS and resubmit it. The intent is to restart the DOM timeline so your MLS listing does not appear aged. This strategy helps minimize any negative stigma on your MLS that could imply the property has been on the market too long. NOTE: When this strategy is used, a new Listing Agreement must be signed.


Every 2-3 weeks, we evaluate several marketing variables i.e. showing activity, marketing and analytics of your home. A minimum of 5-6 showings per week is always the goal to ensure your home is receiving the necessary marketing to secure an offer.


We have an excellent Transaction Coordinators that helps facilitate every purchase and sale. The Transaction Coordinators are licensed individuals which helps us monitor progress, confirm showings, follow up on feedback, etc.


On unique properties and/or homes over $400,000.00 whereby finding suitable comparables is a concern to determine value, we offer to coordinate a complimentary appraisal through one of our preferred appraisers, provided you sell your home through us. We ask you to contact the appraiser directly so that we’re removed from any possible bias. If the appraisal comes back favorably, we ask you to share the value with us to benefit the marketing of the property.


During the initial phase of the marketing period, we do offer the option to hold a house open. However, due to the amount of thefts reported during these events and the lack of success previously experienced, we may discourage this marketing strategy.


We offer every homeowner 3 values of how to price their home on the market, i.e. high price, reasonable price and worst case scenario price. In the event you market your home with our lowest price for 99 days and we do not sell it, we agree to waive our listing side of the brokerage fees (minus 600.00). NOTE: Your List Price must be listed at our worst case scenario number for at least 99 days and you must have agreed to the minimum 6% brokerage fee (other conditions may apply).