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    new construction in your future

    By BUSTOS MARKETING | February 23, 2023

    Is New Construction in Your Future? Did you know that Bustos Real Estate works with new construction properties? Did you know that Bustos Real Estate works wWhether you’re looking to build your new dream home or next development, we have the resources to help every step of the way. Call us at 801-879-8895 to get... Read More

    inflation is slowing

    By BUSTOS MARKETING | February 10, 2023

    Earlier this month the inflation numbers for February were announced and the rate of inflation has slowed for the third month in a row. While we wish it was more, it’s a good sign that’s beginning to bring change to the housing market. So what does this mean for you? Interest rates are leveling out, signaling... Read More

    20% Down is a myth

    By BUSTOS MARKETING | February 9, 2023

    According to Freddie Mac nearly a third of potential homebuyers think they need 20% down or more in order to qualify for a loan. We want to let you know that for most homebuyers, that isn’t true. We have access to conventional loan programs with down payments as low as 3%, and even 0% down... Read More

    The Time to List is Now

    By BUSTOS MARKETING | January 3, 2023

    If you’re thinking about selling your home and upgrading, the time to list your home is now.  Contrary to popular belief, selling in the winter months offer less competition and more motivated buyers. Buyers looking for homes now are more likely to make serious offers and ask for less concessions than buyers during the spring... Read More

    Prioritize Your Must Haves with Higher Interest Rates

    By BUSTOS MARKETING | December 15, 2022

    Prioritize Your Must Haves with Higher Interest Rates With rates being higher than last year it’s important not to stretch your budget when faced with less buying power. The best thing you can do is to create a list of must-haves, nice to haves, and dream ideas.  Putting together your list of necessary features for... Read More

    what is a 1031 exchange

    By BUSTOS MARKETING | December 7, 2022

    What is a 1031 Exchange? Do you own an investment property and want to upgrade to something newer? Did you know you can defer your capital gains tax with a 1031 exchange?  A 1031 exchange is a swap of one real estate investment property for another that allows capital gains taxes to be deferred when they’re invested into... Read More

    mortgage rate buydowns

    By BUSTOS MARKETING | December 7, 2022

    MORTGAGE RATE BUY-DOWNS A buydown is a way for a borrower to obtain a lower interest rate by paying discount points at closing. Discount points, also referred to as mortgage points or prepaid interest points, are a one-time fee paid upfront. In the case of discount points, the interest rate is lower for the loan... Read More

    The Numbers are in

    By BUSTOS MARKETING | December 6, 2022

    The numbers are in! With your help we donated 1,062 pounds of food, and $6,500 in goods and services to the Utah Food Bank. Your donations will help feed over 1,200 families in need this winter. We’re so grateful for your support and help in giving back to the community. Thank you. Read More

    Worried about rates? Lock n’ shop.

    By BUSTOS MARKETING | September 26, 2022

    INTRODUCING LOCK N SHOP If you’re thinking about buying a home, but you don’t know if you should buy now or wait, we’ve got you covered.  Lock n’ shop is a program that allows you to lock in an interest rate on select mortgage programs and keep it for up to 90 days while you... Read More

    Dispute Your Property Tax

    By BUSTOS MARKETING | August 23, 2022

    Did you know? You Can Dispute your Tax Assessment. Locally, many residents may have just received their property tax assessment for the year. For many first-time homebuyers, they might not know that they could be incorrect, and for veteran homebuyers, they just assume it’s correct without looking into it and it could end up costing... Read More